#Bleecker Street Luncheonette Modern American Restaurant


"this ain't your grand pappy's luncheonette "

big flavors, kraft beer, wine, cocktails, 

lunch/dinner 7 days a week.

Modern vegetable heavy cuisine, Gluten free and modern American classics with a French and Italian food vibe. 

Same crew as Risotteria.

Super casual , good music, fun vibe. Loved by Yelpers and normal people too. 

modern american restaurant 

Bleecker Street Luncheonette in New York

 french in New York

The foods we like this season.



meatballs, uncle sal’s recipe, pork & beef $14 g/s/n

mozzarella, dried tomato, shaved fennel $16 g/s/n

shrimp & hot pepper risotto $16 g/s/n

calamari and white bean salad, peppers, olives $14 g/s/n


caesar salad $16 g/s/n  


green salad with romaine, arugula, watercress, kale, radish, olives & cucumbers, chianti vinaigrette $14 


salmon & farro bowl, watercress, spicy eggplant $22 s/n/d 

toasted kale salad with shitake, pickled carrot & roasted cauliflower, pumpkin seed vinaigrette $16 g/s

main courses 

swordfish, tomato confit, parsley gremolata $28 g/s/n

salmon with lemon & garlic risotto, broccoli $26 g/s/n

sausage and portobello risotto $22 g/s/n

red chili spiced fried chicken with fries, spicy honey $26 g/s/n

ottomanelli’s nyc’s butcher, strip steak 12 oz. fries $28 g/s/n

skirt steak, broccoli rabe, sweet onions $26 g/s/n

pork chop, vinegar hot peppers, arugula, polenta $26 g/s

roasted cauliflower, spicy green chili $18 g/s/n

mac ‘n cheese with smoked bacon $18 g


all vegetables $8

all mushrooms $10

fried chicken on a salad $8

shrimp/calamari on a salad $10

fries $6

egg whites +$4

side salad $8

breakfast/brunch – anytime

smoked salmon omelette, avocado beignet, ciabatta $18 add $3 gluten free s/m 

two eggs any style, grilled bacon $14 g/s/n

baked eggs, parsley gremolata, paprika tomato $16 g/s

frittata, peppers, onions, potatoes and eggs with cheddar and salad $18 g/s/n


poached egg lentil bowl, grilled romaine, raw fennel $16 g/s/n

granola with yogurt, pineapple, blueberries & unsweetened coconut $12 g/m

sandwiches – add $3 gluten free

blt, ¼ lb of grilled bacon, l&t on toasted thick white loaf, mayo $16 n 

fried chicken sandwich, spicy honey, green tomato, romaine, ciabatta $18 s/n 

smoked salmon, cucumber, radish, avocado, ciabatta $18 s

lamb with gorgonzola, chard, roasted garlic, ciabatta $18 s/n

portobello, avocado, zucchini tempura, watercress on ciabatta $18 

hamburger, lettuce, tomato &onion, fries $14 n/s/d 

add ¼ lb. smoked bacon $6 

 add mozzarella, blue, gruyere or cheddar +$3

 add fried egg +$3

What all the letters mean

s – soy free

n – nut free

d – dairy free

m – meat free

g – gluten free

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#bleecker street luncheonette

270 Bleecker Street, NY, NY 10014, USA

(917) 261-6479